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Hill Farm Preserves mustards are completely natural. They are made without artificial flavours colours or preservatives. Our award-winning mustards make a pleasing addition to hot and cold meats, smoked salmon, fish and vegetarian fare. We cater for all palates and dietary requirements - sweet, mild or hot and spicy, low sodium or sugar and gluten free. Choose from our extensive range – there will be one there for you. The high quality mustard seeds used in our seeded mustards are grown, harvested and cleaned on Redbanks farm at Sisters Creek.

Tasmanian Rainforest

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Product description: Inspired by the natural ingredients found in the temperate rainforests of Tasmania. We combine wild mountain pepperberries, kunzea leaves, and perfumed leatherwood honey, with yellow and brown mustard seeds that have been infused in Tasmanian apple juice and cider vinegar to produce a uniquely  Tasmanian flavour. This sweet mustard  is delicious with sharp cheeses.

Shelf Life:
1 - 2 years
Size/s: 180g
Medals: 2007 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards silver medal

Gluten free, Low sodium
Tasmanian Rainforest
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